I know how challenging learning Hebrew can be...

שָׁלוֹם I'm Mike,

When I moved to Israel in 2012 I didn’t know more than 20 words. I struggled to express myself in social situations, I was nervous about making mistakes and a bit ashamed to ask people to speak in English as I didn’t want to be a burden on others, and I also probably wanted them to think highly of me.

I remember being so quiet in social situations because I was afraid of making mistakes, of “slowing down” the conversation, of “making others” be patient with me. So I had a tough time learning Hebrew. I often felt socially isolated and frustrated with not progressing as quickly as I wanted to. 

But I was very clear on what I wanted, and didn’t want. I didn’t want to be the one that people switch to English when they speak to them. I didn’t want to continue having superficial relationships with people. And I didn’t want to continue having my personality completely hidden because I couldn’t be myself in Hebrew. 

So with hard work and an effective approach that I developed constantly over time, I was speaking fluently after 3 years. I got a job as a primary school teacher where I taught, had meetings with staff and parents and managed my entire professional life in Hebrew. It was a remarkable experience and an incredible feeling of accomplishment. 

After school teaching I moved into teaching Hebrew. I've been teaching hundreds of students how to take their Hebrew to that next level since 2016. 

Here you have come to my library of online Hebrew courses. Each course is designed to help you take your conversational Hebrew to that next level. In total there are 5 levels. Level 1 is for beginner students, level 5 is for advanced students.

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“You’re a born teacher and coach and I am the beneficiary of your skill and experience. I’m learning Hebrew and that’s a joy.”


“I never thought doing a language course online could be useful, but your course proved me wrong. Your method has me remembering every new word and sentences, and I am able to implement them in every day uses. I recommend you to everyone I know needing to learn Hebrew.”


“Thank you Mike for a great course. I will sign up for the next level.”


“I feel very blessed to have found Mike! He is just the teacher I needed to help me advance my Hebrew and build my confidence.”


“Mike is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I’m so grateful.”


“Teacher Mike makes learning Hebrew fun, practical, and effective. He's just the damn best. ”


Meet Your Teacher

Mike Korman

Senior Teacher

I'm the founder of Teacher Mike and have been teaching Hebrew since 2015. I taught myself to speak fluent Hebrew and found employment, friends and a new life in Israel through the language. It was a challenging process. I want to help my students to speak Hebrew confidently and comfortably at whatever level they desire. My approach merges both the technical "how" to learn fluent Hebrew with the mental/emotional side of learning the language and the challenges it brings up for all of us.

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